Curated model complexity

4. August 2020
by Maximilian Ebner

For decades, car owners were used to selecting their cars based on chassis, brand, and price segment. They could choose a car from one of the multiple brands in the US, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Korea, etc regardless of the fuel type.

Today, disruptors become the most valuable OEM in the world with just 3 product lines. Yet, incumbents still struggle to develop a product strategy that curates the portfolio for their target customer group.

When it becomes critical to focus investments in innovation around CASE, OEMs will need clear strategies for their product portfolio that addresses their customers dreams while not getting lost in the complexity of product development, production, and marketing & sales

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There are EV buyers who want everybody else to appreciate they’ve bought an EV, so they want the EV to look different to regular cars. Secondly, there are people who want their EV to blend in, and the iX3 is the type of EV designed for them.