Sharing, but smart - how shared motorscooters might be part of a future mobility solution

25. November 2019
by Volkmar Schott

Mobility as a Service solutions have become abundant in large cities globally. However, few of them have proven to have a meaningful positive contribution to actually solving the challenges of urban mobility - most of them recruit their users from public transport, creating rather more traffic than less. 

They all face a similar challenge, needing to solve the trade-off of ubiquitous availability for customers (who have ample choice between traffic modes) and required higher utilization.

Can shared electric motorscooters be the answer? They take up little space,  create zero local pollution and are very quick to cover distances between 3 and 15km at a reasonable price. 

Their tight integration into public transport or MaaS apps will be key to overcome urbanites' still prevalent reluctance to switch between modes on one journey.

Get this right, and we could see a big unlock.

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(Article in German only)

-Tretroller sind eines der kontroversesten Themen des Jahres. Gleichsam im Windschatten boomt dabei ein ganz anderes Geschäft: das Sharing von E-Motorrollern.